Everyday is the beginning of Spring at Cafe March 21.

Cafe March 21 first opened on March 21, 2015 and is located on 480 Pelissier St, Windsor ON. The name came from the date of opening and Cafe March 21 dreams to open different businesses in the future with names after the opening day from January to December. 


Cafe March 21 offers specialty and single-origin coffees with different brewing methods such as hand-drip, siphon, and cold brew. Desserts are baked in house and the cozy interior will give you the best experience.


Directed By Lai Dongjie and JiaXin Huang


(226) 787-5226



480 Pelissier St,
Windsor ON
Canada N9A 4K9


M-Fri 8am–6pm
Sat 8am–5pm